"Shimmering Excellence"  

- Spin 

"Combining elements of power pop, glam, and garage rock, Warm Soda, led by frontman Matthew Melton crush out killer power-pop jams."               

 - Rolling Stone

"Warm Soda’s take turns the gritty, druggy original into a jangly power-pop song, complete with “aahhhs” and a new, Keith Richardsy guitar riff." 


 "A lean, mean gang of masterful power pop tunes with just the right blend of studio sweetness, teenage angst, and gritty bubblegum."         

- SF Guardian

"While the first listing on the Warm Soda ingredients section is definitely pop, it’s pop spiked with a healthy dose of rock guitars and punk energy."             

- The Advocate




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Warm Soda Merchandise is available at: FUZZCITYRECORDS.COM